PhotoSynthesis 2014

PhotoSynthesis 2014 show included the work of 18 PhotoSynthesis members, four invited guest exhibitors, and a sponsored student.

The result is an eclectic collection of subject matter, techniques and styles, befitting the eclectic nature of Salt Spring Island itself.



Seth Berkowitz
Alan Bibby
Bobby Crichton
Tamar Griggs
Diana Hayes
Christina Heinemann
Ken Ketchum
Greg Klassen
Alane Lalonde
Shari Macdonald
Amy Melious
Larry Melious
Alanda Nay
Eric Onasick
Chris Stackhouse
Ken Sutherland
Michael Wall

Invited Photographers

Janet Dwyer
Pierre Mineau
Uta Nagel
Julianna Slomka

Sponsored Student

Emily Fraser