Alane Lalonde 2018

Alane Lalonde has been a Saltspring Island resident for 44 years, living in British Columbia, Canada and has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Far East. Her passion for photography began when she became an avid gardener.

Travelling throughout Britain gave her the love of shooting architecture.

Over the years, she has participated in numerous photographic workshops and has successfully maintained her creativity through her art of seeing.

Her work has been shown at the Photosynthesis Photography show at Artspring for the past 18 years and the Sooke fine arts show.

For the past 26 years she has been exploring Mexico, mesmerized with its colorful culture and warm hearted people.

This year my work is very varied. I continue to use my travels as my inspiration.

I have always been captivated by artist’s studios. Especially in the chaos or lack of organization in  this particular artist’s workbench but not on the canvas. This was an artist’s studio in San Jose del Cabo. When you walk into his beautiful gallery, you are offered a drink of tequila, then they invite you to tour their home and artist’s studio. Ever welcoming.

Doors have always fascinated me, especially some of the old Mexican ones, even though this one was in San Jose del Cabo, it looks like it has a Moroccan flair.

Walking on my daily walks, I came across these daisies. There is always something beautiful here on the island as you walk along the pathways.

In El Triunfo Baja I was walking on one of the side streets when I saw this Mexican kitchen through an open window. So simple.