PhotoSynthesis 2010

Twenty-five photographers will fill the walls of the ArtSpring Gallery in the tenth edition of PhotoSynthesis. This is an exciting year as three new photographers have been invited to participate in the show. The group has also selected and sponsored student photographer Alanda Nay. Lastly, the Gulf Island Driftwood will be showing photos from its award winning feature “A Day in the Life of Salt Spring Island”.


Seth Berkowitz
Alan Bibby
John Cameron
Bobby Crichton
John Denniston
Greg Eligh
Tamar Griggs
Diana Hayes
Christina Heinemann
Ann Holt
Ken Ketchum
Kim Kornbacher
Alane Lalonde
Shari Macdonald
Theresa Mackey
Larry Melious
Eric Onasick
Gillean Proctor
Chris Stackhouse

Invited Photographers

June Boe
NirmalĀ  Dryden
Amy Melious

Sponsored Student
Alanda Nay

Driftwood’s Day in the Life