Bernadette Mertens-McAllister 2018

Photosynthesis Show 2018, Artspring, SSI

The series “Trapped”.
– “Requiem du Loup”
– “Requiem du Rat”
– “Requiem de l’Oiseau”

About 8 years ago, I was walking up the hill of our range in Upper Hat Creek, no trails, just scattered ponderosa pines and old fir trees. I stumbled on this trap, unattached. A bit farther, I found the foot of a wolf, chewed, broken off… I felt outraged! My heart was pounding with anger mixed with profound sadness. This beautiful animal had been trapped and tried to escape, dragging the trap. He lost a paw… How could he bear his pain and continue to survive?

Rats are smart, beautiful but unwanted…

Birds fly into windows leaving behind their spring songs, broken wings and weeping notes of a burnt violin…

My heart bleeds for the innocence, the helplessness of the animals enduring the brutality of us humans.

Note that each photo will be mounted in a display box (plexiglass, 20” x 20”). Objects like feathers, rat traps and the wolf’s paw will be assembled with the images.