Bernadette Mertens-McAllister 2019

The series “Heart Grove”

This body of work is dedicated to a small cluster of magnificent cedar and fir trees.  It is a special place nested in a 45 acres lot on Beddis Rd, Salt Spring Island.  Beneath the towering trees, I found a large heart on the ground made of boughs covered with moss.  I call this place Heart Grove.  When standing there, one is connected with Nature and each tree.

However, the old forest is now being clear-cut for lumber.  This series is about grieving for the Heart Grove and all our forests doomed to be greedily clear-cut. Although I feel confused and afraid every time I hear the harassing noise of the chain-saw a breath away from my doorstep, these images show the awe-inspiring grandeur of the cedars.  Their stability, there incredible presence, their gifts, their stillness and their songs are vital. I hope and wish that this sacred and secret place, will remain intact for all of us.