PhotoSynthesis 2011

PhotoSynthesis 2011 show included the work of 21 PhotoSynthesis members, two invited guest exhibitors, a sponsored student, and the Driftwood’s “A Day in the Life of Salt Spring Island”.


Seth Berkowitz
Alan Bibby
Bobby Crichton
John Denniston
Nirmal Dryden
Gregg Eligh
Bill Foster
Birgit Freybe Bateman
Tamar Griggs
Diana Hayes
Christina Heinemann
Ann Holt
Ken Ketchum
Alane Lalonde
Michael Levy
Shari Macdonald
Amy Melious
Larry Melious
Eric Onasick
Osman Phillips
Chris Stackhouse

Invited Photographers

Roger Gilbert
Sam Lightman

Sponsored Student

Julianna Paul

Driftwood’s Day in the Life