Michael Levy

Michael Levy has been living on Salt Spring Island and working as a professional photographer for the better part of the past two decades. In that time he has discovered more about the island, its landscape, its people and his own view of it all and how it changes with each passing year.

Capturing the island as it evolves over time is one of the great attractions for Michael to continue work here year after year. He has published his work in books, calendars, cards, websites & magazines covering everything from rock climbing & adventure kayaking to Yoga and portraiture.

He has just completed a new calendar for 2012, Salt Spring Impressions, which is his first project photographic since undergoing life-changing surgery for a kidney transplant in 2009. He is currently working on two new books that should be published within the next two years. One is a follow-up to the incredibly successful Salt Spring: the people, the place which was published with fellow island photographers Howard Fry and Osman Phillips. The second book is a more personal work details of which will be forthcoming in the months ahead.