Ken Ketchum

As far back as I can remember I have been interested in designing things. When I was a young boy, (8 or 9), our local Sunday paper would have a weekly floor plan of a top home design. I would clip out the article and then redesign the plans in my own way. No doubt these exercises helped me develop my sense of space and composition. Because of my early experiences with drawing, I became attracted to the early master draftsmen like Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Duerer and Rembrandt. As I matured as an artist, I learned to understand and appreciate painters like Picasso, De Kooning, and the German Expressionists. I try to bring to my photography a passion for expression through composition, colour, texture; a poetic, rather than a journalistic approach.

Ken received his BFA from Cal State University, Northridge, California in 1972. He has shown in gallery’s in San Francisco, Seattle, Victoria, and Salt Spring Island. Drawn to the rural life, and artist community, Ken moved to Salt Spring Island with his wife Randie in 2004. Visit his web site at