Bill Foster

I have been doing photography for four decades and I am still learning how to do it better.
As my photography gets better I realize that it has improved because I have stopped taking the bad pictures. It is similar to a baseball player learning to improve his batting average by not swing at the bad balls.

My current area of learning is with what I call “luscious lighting.”  Here are some of my most recent images. What they all have in common is the sensuous quality of the lighting. Without the magic of luscious lighting, they would be be just average snap shots.

Try looking first at my lighting, and then look again to look at the subjects.

Photography is my passion. The adventure for me is to find out what my next image will be. I can’t wait to discover the magic of how my next image will turn out.  It is always a mystery, and I am pleased to be able to share these images with you.