Timescape – Fulford Marina

Timescape – Fulford Marina

Michael Levy

The Timescale series examines how photography translates the passage of time, whether it be fractions of a second, minutes, hours or longer, the photographic process is inextricably entwined with our perception of time.

Short shutter speeds “stop” time by halting motion: raindrops, birds in flight, racing cars, children playing…longer shutter speeds record life in motion: star trails, moody cloudscapes, swaying trees, flowing water that is transformed into silky threads and pillowy mounds.

Timescapes go one step further by using old, expired film emulsions to study how time affects each unique roll of film, how aging imprints random markers within the final frame: foxing in the form of dark spots, reduced contrast & sensitivity, vestiges of the original paper wrappings and even fogging from exposure to radiation.

Timescape – Fulford Marina was made using a Horseman 6x7cm view camera on Agfa Isopan film that expired in 1945 exposed for 10 seconds

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