John Cameron

John Cameron is a Salt Spring photographer who delights in the ever-changing challenge of seeing, of capturing the moment, representing not only what is seen, but also what is rarely seen and what cannot be seen. Pursuits include a wide variety of commercial, art, portrait, photojournalism, and action photographic work and the occasional website (including this one).

About these Photos: This year for Photosynthesis he’s chosen images which reflect his background in education. Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts students continue to amaze with their talent and energy as evidenced in the show they wrote and performed: Wonderland. Just being near them seems to energize you. Following make-up, they breezed through a photo station and, in a few seconds helped to create the images you see here and of course at the Photosynthesis show. Hopefully you can feel some of that energy they exude!

Contact and other information:
email: John Cameron