Photosynthesis Student Alanda Nay

Photosynthesis sponsors one Salt Spring student photographer each year. This year’s student is Alanda Nay who is completing her course at Western Academy of Photography in Victoria. We asked her about the captivating images she’s submitted to this website.

Alanda’s reply:
What inspired me to try underwater photography was Zena Holloway’s work as well as Gregg Eligh’s figure classes. Then I got hooked. Light is so different and beautiful underwater I wanted to capture it. Working with my 50D Canon, I got an Ikelite housing to fit. It took me a bit to get used to changing camera settings while holding my breath but I got the hang of it. Even if I used a snorkel, I found that when I was under and focusing, making composition work… I found I held my breath anyway. There’s no gravity underwater, everything flows and moves slowly. I love it.

Just over one week before the show. The 10th annual Photosynthesis photography show and sale will be held at ArtSpring on Salt Spring Island. This year, Photosynthesis opens at 5pm on August 18th and runs to September 7th.