Photosynthesis Opening- Huge Success

They began arriving even before the official opening time of 5:00PM, Monday, the 20th of August. Apparently, 24 photographers have a lot of friends among them, and it seemed like they all showed up for the Photosynthesis opening at ArtSpring, making it one of the most successful ArtSpring openings in recent memory. Some 300 people were estimated to have attended.

They came for the treats, which were terrific, and stayed for the photography, which was even better. The treats, provided by photographers themselves, included everything from fresh fruit skewers to deli platters, fresh vegetables, and a tremendous variety of marvelous desserts.

The photography was universally applauded as the best and most diverse ever shown at a Photosynthesis event. A few prints sold on the spot.

The show – and the sales – continue. Photosynthesis is open daily from 10-5 until Sunday, 9 September. Don’t miss it.

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Photographs provided by Peter Paul Harnisch.