Kim Kornbacher 2012

Looking through the viewfinder of my dad’s camera is one of my earliest memories. I absorbed basic aspects of composition and lighting from watching and listening to him. In the early 1980s, I became interested in developing my photography further and began taking workshops and exchanging ideas and critiques with other photographers.  Since then I have worked on expanding my artistic vision and honing my technical skills.

Photography is simply the activity that I enjoy above nearly all others. Capturing a moment or a scene that I find touching, extraordinary, or intriguing, and conveying that feeling to others using the medium of photography is an endlessly fascinating process for me.  I love the challenge and paradox of attempting to live in the moment, yet trying to capture something fleeting for the future that reminds us of something in our past.  See for more examples of my work.

For Photosynthesis 2012, I am showing a selection of photographs from Smith Inlet in the Great Bear Rainforest, partly in an attempt to raise awareness about the fact that nearly 70% of the Great Bear Rainforest ecosystem still remains unprotected and is currently threatened with industrial logging, mining, and oil pipeline and tanker right-of-way proposals.  Ideally my photographs will communicate the vital importance of the protection of this wild, amazing place and its inhabitants for us all.