Julianna Slomka

My medium is life itself and my art is expressed through painting, drawing, dance and photography. As a photographer, my camera lens allows me to see differently.

I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada where I drew the wild animals who shared their land with me and my own menagerie; which included a Great Dane, a Toy Manchester Terrier, a few cats, budgies and Morgan horses.

In 2005, when I moved to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, I fell in love with the beauty of the mountains and ocean. Here is also where my love affair with dance began and I traveled to Argentina to study Tango in Buenos Aires. Upon returning, I performed on stage at special events and began teaching Tango. The passion and intensity of this dance inspired my painting further.

Acting and theatre have also become part of my life as I have been asked to do hair and make up, set decorating in performances ranging from opera and music videos to community theatre. Recently I have stepped onto the stage once more, but this time as a comedian, singer, actress as well as a dancer in local productions.

My latest adventure in Photography has opened a new avenue of artistic interpretation, enabling me to capture nature in landscapes as well as subjects that are shiny and new and their opposites: older rusty things slowly being reclaimed. Lines, shapes, texture, reflections, and colour interest me as they stand alone or relate to each other.