Judy McPhee 2018

Judy McPhee was born in Edmonton, Alberta and grew up on the West Coast of British Columbia.

After graduating from high school in White Rock, B.C., she lived in Vancouver and worked in the retail, wholesale, and restaurant business.

In 1988 she became self employed and worked together with her sculptor husband on various projects.

She discovered her interest in photography when her father gave her a Nikon EM SLR camera in the 1980’s and photographed her travels in Europe. Her inter-ests were architecture, landscapes, and closeup photography.

Judy joined the Salt Spring Photography Club in 2012 and has been active in photographing anything that sparks interest. She exhibits in the SS Photography Club Group shows in the ArtSpring Lobby, as well as the group’s annual show ‘Eclectic Visions’.

“For me photography is a way of life. I enjoy exploring the world with my cam-era. Whether shooting landscapes or nature, I am enthusiastic with the process of examining the image and how to portray it. I do a lot of post production work using Light Room cc and Photoshop cc. I study the image and decide whether or not to give it a more 3 dimensional look or stronger contrast. I strive to create an image that has a touch of my own character.”

“This is my first invite as a guest showing at the 2017 Photosynthesis Show on Salt Spring Island.”

“If you have any comments or questions about my photographs please con-tact me at my Email address or make an appointment to visit our gallery on Salt Spring. My work is also available at WaterFront Gallery in Ganges, ArtCraft in the summers in Mahon Hall and every year I sell at the Fulford Christmas Craft fair.”