Highlighting: Guest Student- Emilaea Woodwolf

Emilaea, 17, has been taking photographs since she was about five, and sold her first pic at 13. Concentrating primarily on portraits and macro photography, she uses a Nikon D90 and occasionally switches to Nikon film cameras as well. She has shown her work upon occasion and has sold her first image from the web site she set up herself.

Emilaea is entering her senior year in high school, and in addition to photography is interested in writing and music, particularly guitar and piano. After high school she intends to travel for perhaps four years – “seems like the right amount of time needed to find my feet….” she says,  and see where she can make the best contribution towards humanitarian efforts.

The Photosynthesis Group is looking forward to seeing and showing her work at the forthcoming show in August and September of this year.

Be sure to check Emilaea’s page for her Bio and images.