Grace Sevy 2017

I work primarily in photo collage, focusing on nature, architecture, portraiture and social activity. My work is held in private collections in Canada, the United States and abroad, and in the Oakland Museum of Art.

I started serious fine-art photography 20 years ago after a career in academia and a lifetime of casual picture taking. I am essentially self-taught. I carry a camera everywhere and photograph whatever catches my eye. Light, color and character are decisive. I have created a large body of work, much of which I have exhibited on Salt Spring Island, the San Francisco Bay Area, and on the Big Island of Hawaii. As a method, my photo collage occasionally transcends static photography, falling somewhere between pictures and motion pictures. It is hand-made from multiple images shot consecutively with a 35-millimeter camera. The photographs from which I depict people and social activity are usually candid and taken in motion. I accept commissions.