Emilaea Woodwolf

Envisioned through the lens of talented photographer Emilaea Woodwolf, the world takes on a new perspective. The photographs of Woodwolf are unique to her incredible eye for composition and talents in both film and digital photography. Basing her art primarily in digital, her photographs come in both vibrant colour, and intensively contrasting black and white.

A passion from a very young age, Woodwolf has become what she calls “…a photography addict.”, seeing nearly everything as an opportunity for a photograph. Whether carrying her vintage film Minolta, or her Nikon D90, she never leaves her home without a camera. “It’s in my blood,” she says when asked about where the passion sprang from, “… without photography, my heart is incomplete. It would be like removing the bones from a person’s body, and then telling them to walk. I just can’t live without it.”

Woodwolf is in preparations for a trip across the globe, setting off in less than 3 years. “It’s a trip that will last until I feel it’s finished,” she says on the matter, “… I plan on running completely out of money before I return home. I want to help people, however I can. Right now, that means documenting everything I can about all the things everyone else tries to avoid. That may mean walking through broken cities filled with people so thin they nearly blow away. It may break me someday, but I feel it’s what I must do.  I’ll be gone until I can’t be gone anymore. Hopefully by then, I will have learned something about myself that nothing else can have taught me.”