Chris Stackhouse 2017

Chris was born in Southend, east of London, England. He decided to emigrate to Calgary in 1981 after coming on a holiday and falling in love with the Canadian Prairies. With wide open spaces dotted with numerous grain elevators, white churches and straight roads running as far as the eye could see, this was so different from the quaint English villages, hedge rows and soft colours of his home.

Chris soon recognized, through the art of photography, just how beautiful the prairie landscape could be. He enjoyed the challenge of waiting for a different light. With patience and an eye for what might be, he set up his cameras and waited for a storm to break, a moon to rise, or a sunset to illuminate a scene in a warm glow capturing a unique moment in time. He continues to expand his horizons to include other Provinces and States, visiting hundreds of isolated towns and sleepy hamlets whenever he can.

He continues to feature the environment we perhaps take fore granted with studies that include the deserts of southern United States and Mexico, powerful Pacific Ocean Chris Stackhouse 5waves crashing upon our shores and very old church doors.

Presently Chris is embarking on a photographic project entitled “Oblique Projections” exploring the art of capturing movement without the use of digital manipulation, a few examples of his work will be exhibited in this years show “Pretty Pictures”.

Chris shows his work at venues on the west coast of BC and Alberta. For more information on where to see his photography please go to his website